1. Does The Cargo Captain fit with every truck model?

No. While it will fit most truck beds with varied lengths, it does not function well in those truck beds with plastic drop-in liners.

48” back bar fits all truck beds.
66”, 69", 78”, 81”, 97” handle lengths are available to accommodate most truck bed lengths.

2. Do the wheel positions fit in every truck bed?

There is an adjustable wheel plate allowing for the wheels to lock in to the exact well of the ridges in the truck bed to match various manufacturers.

3. Will the Cargo Captain rust?

Manufactured to reduce the possibility of rust of corrosion. The paint is a high quality Rust Resistant Phosphate and Oil Coat with White Metal Blast Per SSPC SP10 and Carbothane 133HG Polyurethane Top Coat Matte Black.

4. Is the Cargo Captain attached to the truck?

No. One of the great benefits of the Cargo Captain is that the device requires no modification of the truck bed. It is placed into the truck bed, allowing simple removal if necessary.

5. Where is the Cargo Captain manufactured?

We are proud to say that the Cargo Captain is manufactured here in the United States by a local manufacturer in Houston, Texas.

6. Is the Cargo Captain sold in the wholesale market?

Yes. Please refer to the Retail Partner Program on this site or call 1-800-598-6048, email sales@thecargocaptain.com to discuss further.

7. Can a company purchase in bulk quantity for employees to reduce liability of lower back injury and injury associated with climbing in and out of truck beds?

Yes. Please call 1-800-598-6048 or email sales@thecargocaptain.com to get bulk pricing.

8. How is the Cargo Captain held in place?

The Cargo Captain handle runs the full length of the truck bed and is held in place when the tailgate is closed. Ensure tailgate is in the upright and locked position when vehicle is in motion.