How It Works

Unloads Cargo Easily

With the width of the back bar spanning 48” all cargo is captured leaving nothing left to require climbing in the truck bed.

Alleviates Climbing in and out of the Truck

Just pull with one hand and all of the cargo in the pickup bed will be right at the tailgate.

Eliminates leaning over the truck bed

Reduces straining to grab items over the side by simply collecting cargo and moving it to the tailgate with one pull.

Maximizes full capacity of the truck bed

Cargo Captain pulled in and pulled out.

The low profile handle lays in the valley of the ridges of the truck bed allowing for cargo to load across the full bed without obstructing loading capability.

Universal Structure

    • Back bar – 48” fitting all full size trucks.
    • Wheels - There is an adjustable wheel plate allowing for the wheels to lock in to the exact well of the ridges in the truck bed.
    • Handle – Manufactured detachable handles with lengths of 66”, 69", 78”, 81”, 97”